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Students engaged in learning that incorporates multimodal designs, on average, outperform students who learn using traditional approaches with single modes.

Metiri Group (2008)

Multisensory learning tools.

By bringing together a combination of sight, sound, and interactive play, Launchpad Academy gives kids the tools to learn the way they learn best.

Educational content you can trust.

The Launchpad Academy experience has been curated by educational app experts and includes well-loved and award-winning brands that will keep kids engaged and excited to learn.

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More apps on every tablet.

Every Launchpad Academy tablet has more apps, videos, and storybooks! That means more value with every purchase and more learning power for kids.

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Launchpad device with Launchpad Reading Academy logo on screenLauchpad Reading Academy

This 5-level guided reading system helps kids master verbal, reading, and writing skills — starting at any level. Every app, storybook, and video has been hand selected to help kids gain the knowledge they need to transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

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Launchpad device with Launchpad Reading Academy logo on screenLaunchpad Pre-K Academy A Guided Learning Tablet

Launchpad Pre-K Academy gives preschool-aged children 5 different paths to explore on their way to kindergarten. Using this Academy can help little learners develop the skills needed to enter their first year of school and inspire them to try new things with confidence.

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