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Building the well-rounded
thinkers of tomorrow.

STEAM Academy is designed to create well-rounded problem-solvers who look at the world around them and ask questions like "how?" and "why?". It's an interdisciplinary approach that weaves together the science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills learned in the classroom and connects them to things kids see every day.

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An estimated 85% of the jobs that today's learners will be doing in 2030 haven't been invented yet.

Institute for the Future (2018)

Learning for the whole mind.

After progressing through this academy, students will have an understanding of how these subjects come together to create architecture, music, well-designed products, environmental solutions, and more. Plus, they will develop the critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions of their own.

The goal of the Creation & Sound Module is to teach kids how creativity and self-expression apply to identifying and solving problems. Topics in this module include art, sound, color, tempo, rhyming, and literature.

The goal of the Engineering & Design Module is to teach kids to recognize challenges, turn them into opportunities, and identify scalable solution to solve them. Topics in this module include puzzles, invention, construction, machines, architecture, and curiosity.

The goal of the Nature & Environment Module is to ignite kids' curiosity to explore the connectedness of the natural world around them. Topics in this module include cause and effect, biology, plants, weather, geology, and wildlife.

The goal of the Technology & Space Module is to build kids' fascination with the solutions of tomorrow and get them excited to look beyond the world they see today. Topics in this module include mechanics, astronomy, robotics, coding, and communication.

The goal of the Evaluation & Calculation Module is to teach kids to identify and analyze the details, data, and patterns that define the world around them. Topics in this module include quantification, research, algebraic thinking, statistics, association, and measurement.

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The future starts here.

Every year, career opportunities for students evolve and change. STEAM education helps students build core skills and make the connections they need to be innovative, divergent thinkers with unlimited capabilities. It all starts with the confidence to experiment and play - on and off the screen.