Building a foundation for learning.

Launchpad Pre-K Academy gives preschool-aged children 5 different paths to explore on their way to kindergarten. Using this Academy can help little learners develop the skills needed to enter their first year of school and inspire them to try new things with confidence.

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5 Paths to Kindergarten Success

There are many skills that can help children as they begin their educational career. Pre-K Academy groups these overall skills into paths and offers many ways for kids to practice, develop, and succeed within each path.

  • Support critical thought processes
  • Aid in fine motor skill development
  • Explore large muscle movements through play
  • Encourage personal care and daily routine support
  • Build hand-eye coordination
  • Identify numbers & count from 1-20
  • Learn basic shapes & colors
  • Practice patterns, measuring & comparing
  • Observe nature & environment
  • Build vocabulary
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Identify & recite letters
  • Develop an interest in stories
  • Organize thoughts
  • Problem-solve through reasoning
  • Express emotions & needs
  • Understand cooperation
  • Explore independence
  • Explore imagination and pretend play
  • Interpret music through movement
  • Learn to draw with lines & shapes
  • Sing and express emotion creatively
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Supplemental Pre-K packs.

Interested in offering more learning on a specific subject or theme? Launchpad collections are a great way to complement your Pre-K Academy tablets.

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Children who enter school ready to learn are expected to achieve more academically. Academic success has been linked to improved social, economic, and health outcomes.

American Academy of Pediatrics (2019)

Give kids the confidence to succeed.

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