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Kids are listening. Here's why.

Listening is reading too.

By listening, kids connect with books and knowledge in distinct, complementary ways.

Playaway is relevant in a digital world.

Kids have less access to CD players, and personal devices have become the preferred way to consume digital content.

Audiobooks level the playing field.

Audiobooks give all kids access to literacy tools and great stories anytime, anywhere.

Our biggest kids' audiobook catalog ever.

With featured collections that will fly off your shelves.

  • Titles from the industry’s best publishers
  • High-quality audio productions

Listening = Learning.


85% of what we learn we learn by listening.


Combining print and audio increases recall by 40% over print alone.


Students can listen and comprehend 2 grade levels above their reading level.


70% of kids say they read more after listening to audiobooks.

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Technology parents love.

  • Focused and distraction free
  • A great way to reduce screen time
  • Relevant for tech-savvy kids
  • Secure and easy-to-use
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