Deliver guided imagery, meditation and other therapeutic treatments on a simple-to-use, pre-loaded audio device.

Programs from the world's most renowned producers of therapeutic audio content.

  • Health Journeys Belleruth Naparstek
  • Images of Wellness Jane Pernotto Ehrman
  • Imadulations' AT EASE Ellen Simon
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Guided Imagery Inc. Diane Tusek
  • Healing Waterfall Max Highstein

Playaway devices are the simplest way to deliver treatment to Veterans in hospitals and at home.


Clinically proven and ready-to-use — wherever and whenever needed:

  • Pre-loaded with proven therapeutic programs
  • No CDs, DVDs, downloading or internet needed
  • Just press power and play
  • Easy to administer in hospitals and at home
  • Extends critical treatment and improves results
  • No interruptions from text messages, phone calls, emails, or other push notifications that can distract progress and overall impact

Mental Health

Extended treatment for Veterans struggling with PTSD, TBI, depression, chronic pain, and drug dependency.

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Guided Imagery:

  • Decrease depression, stress, anxiety, and pain
  • Lower PTSD CAPS scores
  • Enhance sleep and relaxation
  • Strengthen immune system function
  • Enhance quality of life and control.
  • Complement existing recovery programs
  • And, more


Shorter hospital stays. Lower pain ratings. Decreased dependence on pain medications.

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Therapeutic Solutions on Playaway have been proven effective for Veterans going through procedures including surgery, imaging, chemo, dialysis, and more.

Read about Criteria on Indications and Contraindications

They have been shown to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lower heart rates and blood pressure
  • Administer less anesthesia
  • Ease post-surgery side effects
  • Decrease dependence on pain medications


“I served 27 and a half years in the Army. 8 years after I retired my body caught up to me and I started experiencing severe degenerative cervical spine challenges.  I went through 3 years of intense treatment and for almost 2 and a half years my "pain management protocol" included 2 10mg Morphine, 2 Vicodin, and 6 Robaxin per day.  Then, in 2013 a friend introduced me to the Guided Imagery offered through Health Journeys. 3 years later I'm out of the cervical collar, off of the opiates, and able to do more than I was the three previous years.” — Major Kevin Knapp US Army Veteran

“We have used Findaway’s Therapeutic Programs to deliver these ancillary forms of therapy techniques and find them to be a good media device, simple to use, very portable, etc. My group (Psychology) continues to use these as home exercises for emotions management, relaxation therapy, motivation enhancement, sleep initiation, PTSD anxiety management and multiple other conditions.”

— Dr. Edgardo Padin-Rivera, Chief of Psychology, Louis Stokes VAMC

“Playaway devices allow our Veterans to reinforce learned self-care skills, while at home and between therapy sessions. I have had success with numerous patients choosing to try daily use of their Playaway device for relaxation and sleep induction, resulting in no or limited need to order medication…”

— VISN 10 Prescribing Advanced Practical Nurse

“Veterans have found these helpful for sleep and calming anxiety as they are ‘coming out of the fog’ and detoxing while in treatment here. The Therapeutic Playaways are an enormous help with great reviews.”

— VA Suboxone Treatment Social Worker

“With patients who are easily distracted, hyper vigilant or thrown off focus, it is best to get them away from listening to guided imagery on their smart phones, where the bells, whistles and buzzes of incoming email and text messages can prematurely pull them from their therapeutic meditative state...”

— Belleruth Naparstek, Health Journeys

“I believe being able to put a small, portable device immediately in the hands of my patients when they are in my office… has been an enhancement to the therapeutic relationship. The Veteran feels both heard and acknowledged for their suffering for a small price.”

— VA Advance Practice Nurse

Trusted by the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Therapeutic solutions on Playaway are currently being used by:

  • US Army’s MWR
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Warrior Transition Battalion, Ft Knox KY
  • Army Community Services, Ansbach, Daegu
  • National Guard of California, Ohio, Florida, Alaska, etc
  • Department of Veterans Affairs – 110+ VAMC’s
  • Landstuhl, Brooke, Wm Beaumont, Darnall Medical Centers; Quantico Naval Health Clinic
  • USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment, Dumfries VA
  • Fort Sill Trauma & SHARP Units
  • Brooks Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston
  • Fort Bragg, Fort Carson, Fort Benning, and more

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