Playaway® Lock

Playaway Lock

The first-ever pre-loaded eReader created for circulation is here!

Featuring curated eBook collections, Playaway Lock eReaders are immediately ready to circulate and require no staff maintenance between checkouts.

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Ideal for every patron — and you.

  • The work is done for you: We expertly curate collections of eBooks and load them onto every device, giving you a simple and shelf-ready way to deliver popular digital content.
  • Always shelf-ready: Each device is pre-loaded with a curated collection of eBook titles and never requires an internet connection for use or circulation.
  • Safe and secure: Content is pre-loaded and secured onto every Playaway Lock e-Reader, allowing patrons to access eBooks without the risk of manipulation or exposure to unintended content.
  • Intuitive experience: The device‚Äôs backlit touchscreen and customizable settings are simple to use — making it perfect for patrons regardless of age or technical capability.
  • Best-in-class features: Playaway Lock is durable, lightweight, fast, and designed with features that place it amongst the best eReaders on the market.

Collections of eBooks your patrons will love.

Choose from lists of popular, best-selling, and classic eBook collections, expertly curated to maximize circulation.

Device + Content starting at $234

Includes carrying case and charger — everything you need to build your Playaway Lock collection. Lease options available.


Annual License

Refresh your title list every year with new eBooks to ensure hot content is always in circulation.

Perpetual License

Retain ongoing access to titles and keep popular content on your shelves year after year.